Richard Robinson


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Ant: useless on its own, brilliant with its mates.Ape: 98% human.Assassin bug: interestingly evil

Axolotl:the child that never grew up.

Bacteria: thick on the ground – and everywhere else

Bat: we’re all a little bit bats.

Boring sponge: no softy.

Butterfly: gets everyone in a flap.

Camel: who needs looks when you can be useful?

Cat: the psychopathic pet.

Crow: definitely no bird bran.

Cuckoo: the growing pain..

Dolphin: the secret of the dolphin’s smile.

Dragonfly: seven-month wonder.

Elephant: so big it’s invisible.

Elephant seal: Big Blubber.

Fox: my my, so sly.

Gorilla: wherever it sits, that’s its.

Grasshopper: stays one jump ahead.

Hen: not eggalitarian.

Hermit crab: iconic recycler.

Kakapo: nowhere to fly.

Mole: dirty digger.

Mule: a strong will that won’t.

Octopus: Multi-tasking cephalopod.

Panda: career in danger.

Penguin: cuddles up for comfort.

Plover: perfectly sickening.

Porcupine: prickly person

Shark: Death Fish.

Whale: the gentle giant.

Wrasse: sharks fin supervisor.