Richard Robinson

Atomic Circus

Richard introduces the magical world of atoms with tricks and demonstrations that use the commonest and yet most remarkable of all materials – WATER.


  • What are atoms – what size they are, what they’re made of and how they work.
  • The Big Bang – how the Universe, atoms, stars and Earth came into being.
  • The forces that shape the Universe – gravity and electro-magnetism.
  • How atoms behave – solids, liquids and gases, pressure and temperature explained.
  • How atoms join up to form molecules. Demonstration with a water molecule, formed from one atom of Oxygen plus two of Hydrogen.
  • How Molecules react – a molecule of vinegar does battle with a molecule of baking powder.
  • The particular quality of water explained – it’s “stickiness” creates surface tension.
  • How electrolysis can separate water into Hydrogen and Oxygen.
  • In the end, we explode the Hydrogen and Oxygen to make water again.