Richard Robinson

Pub Tricks

A show for adult and student audiences. 45 minutes of science-based magic to perform with bottles, cans, beer mats, peanuts, pub tables, etc., etc., rounding off with Alka-seltzer magic. Tricks selected from these lists, including;

  • I Can if You Can – Standing on Drinks Can.
  • Sit-up-and-Beg Box – a matchbox does a hand-stand.
  • Electric Matches – the match was fixed!
  • Unbreakable Match – it’s unsnappable.
  • That’s the Way the Money Goes – a coin disappears.
  • That’s the Way the Money Comes Back – more refraction.
  • That’s the Way the Money Floats – refraction again.
  • Plate Spinner – first wine glass in orbit.
  • Beer-mat Pick-up – water as glue.
  • Bottle Blow – resonance makes it swing better.
  • Big Bertha – a pop-gun from a bottle of pop.
  • Fuss-Pots’ Party – acids, alkalis, indicators and a miracle.
  • Boiling Cold – cold water “boils” when touched.
  • There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute – how to win at drinking races.
  • Bottle Balance – it stands on one corner.
  • Water Weird Thing! – water refuses to leave a glass.