Richard Robinson

The Big G

We learn about gravity, centres of gravity and air pressure.

We hear about Aristotle’s ideas on gravity. We hear about Galileo’s ideas, how they ran against the common opinions of his day, and how he tested them. We find out how Newton’s ideas changed people’s views.

We discover amazing effects that seem to defy gravity.

We learn that air has weight, that gravity acts to pull it down, creating “air pressure”. We change the balance of forces by creating absence of air – vacuums.

Finally we find how satellites stay in orbit.

Magic tricks

All tricks are self-working, and easy to do at home

  • Driller Thriller – a glass drills through the table.
  • Bottle Balance – it stands on one corner.
  • Galileo’s Balls – the Pisa experiment with paper and coin.
  • Come Back Tin – it rolls away, it rolls back.
  • Flutter By, Butterfly – hovers on a bottle.
  • Box Teeter – hangs in mid-air.
  • Pin-head-stand – with 2 forks and a cork.
  • Hup Dog – sits up and begs; a paper fold.
  • Can’t Keep It Up – how we change our centres of gravity.
  • Paper Power – a sheet of newspaper clamps a ruler.
  • Water Weird Thing! – water refuses to leave a glass.
  • Boiling Cold – cold water “boils” when touched.
  • Plate Spinner – first wine glass in orbit.