Richard Robinson

Why The Toast Always Lands Butter-Side Down

the science of MURPHY’S LAW
Murphy’s Law is the most important law in science – whatever CAN go wrong WILL go wrong

  • Why does your queue go slowest?
  • Why do buses go round in threes?
  • Why does the toast always land butter-side down?

There are many weirdnesses to be explained, and the explanations show that the world is often counter-intuitive. We have the task of sorting out reality from illusion, and the book and show help you do that. Richard Robinson takes you on a white-knuckle ride through your own mind. We see how the senses take things in, how the mind interprets them, and how we get it regularly wrong.

Suitable for all who have ever been spiked by Murphy’s Law (ie everybody).

The book sells in UK for £6.99….. why? because “EVERYTHING IN THE SHOP IS SHORT OF A SENSIBLE PRICE BY 1p” (and there is a scientific reason for that, as well).